Free website and marketing, Manage classrooms, analyse student behavior, online payment, generate results, and collaborate with parents – all from one flexible app.

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Helping schools grow efficiently.

Skoolified empower educator to efficiently build a smart and intelligent based educational tools to effectively run a local and modern school system; all to improve standard


Skoolfied is simple, easy to use and flexible. The simple, well organized interface makes it very easy for everyone to adapt and in most cases negatives training


Every school is different. Skoolified was designed to efficiently scale on local and modern schools automatically. Our software can be customerize to suit the need for every school owner


Skoolfied is built with the latest technological tools, standards and platforms, guaranteeing security, speed and a 99.99% uptime.

Skoolified for Student and School

Skoolified features aims at reducing workload while increasing efficiency.

  • Replace paper work with cloud technology to improve perfermance and efficiency in data processing
  • Organization is our sole key. Records are stored, processed and organization in the most purest way
  • Better insight into, and control over school activity with easy
  • Super fast search tool to enable data retrieval at ease
  • Increase revenue from I.C.T development
  • On-demand online payment processing

Gain absolute control of your school like never before. You will never know how simplied your school is until its Skoolified

Skoolified for Teacher and Parent

Skoolified empowers teachers and parents to collaborate to ensure that students get the best education

  • Automatic mark generation and compilation
  • Smart result compilation and processing. Enpowered with online examination and homwork, compilation is made more easy
  • Better insight into, and control over school activity with easy
  • Easy access of results to student to parent, teacher and school directors
  • Easy pin generation to check results

ANY BENEFITS? Well, for a start you get a FREE website, FREE support, Cheap complete school management software, Lifetime website ownership and FREE maintenance

Skoolified for Parent and Student

Skoolified empowers parents to actively engage in their ward activities in schools. This gives the parent more time and power to effectively stay connected to the daily activities of their children in various schools

  • Report and view behavior analysis
  • See and assist child in homework which improves parent to children bond
  • Get notified using SMS on the latest happening in the school